LDS General Conference Handmade Journal

LDS General Conference Handmade Journal

Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with your life?  Have you ever wondered what areas of your life you need to improve, and, furthermore  how to improve them?  Have you ever wanted to hear this kind of instruction from someone who could never steer you wrong?  Have you ever wanted to get advice from someone who had only your best interested at heart, who loved you unconditionally, and would treat you with care of the most loving parent?

Throughout my life I have often longed for this personal direction from a divine source.  I have come to know that my Father in Heaven can give me all of these things whenever I speak to him through prayer.  But there are other times, places, and methods of receiving this direction in life.  This afternoon was the final session of the Spring convening of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  At it, the living Prophet of our Living Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, along with his counselors, Apostles, and other disciples, delivered the divine messages we all needed to hear as His children.

General Conference occurs twice a year in the Spring and Fall.  The messages spoken at it are broadcast live across the world via television, radio, and the internet for all of God’s children to hear.  Afterwards, the talks are made available online, on dvd, and in print.  Past year’s General Conferences are also available on

In preparing to hear the word of God at General Conference, I wrote a list of questions that I wanted to have answered by the various talks given.  I prayed to Heavenly Father that my questions would be addressed   I was not disappointed.  Through my faith, I received very direct answers to all but one question and an indirect answer to my last question.  I would like to share some of my questions and the answers I received to them through the messages I watched broadcast through my computer screen.  I recorded all of this in my handmade Conference Journal.

  • How do I deal with my desire for a Temple marriage in this life without knowing if I will have one?
    • I must emotionally, spiritually, and physically prepare myself for a temple marriage.  This includes improving my physical health.
  • How can I teach myself to more completely trust Christ and the Atonement when I have so much trouble trusting and relying on anyone other than myself?
    • There are no shortcuts.  The little things matter a lot as I build my foundation in Christ.  I must share and talk to my Father in Heaven.  I must start with what I’m sure of in my faith go from there to have an intimate discussion.  As I ask for help learning to more fully rely on Christ, Heavenly Father with both bless and help me.
  • When my faith waivers, how do I restore my faith?  Furthermore, how to I maintain my surety in the first place?
    • Fear not!  Do not belittle my belief.  Ask for help in my unbelief that it might be transformed into strong faith.  What we do know will always be greater than what we don’t regarding our faith.   Remember to always walk by faith.
  • What can I do to contribute to an inviting atmosphere at church where everyone can feel the Spirit of Christ?
    • Darkness exists in this world but don’t chose to dwell in the darkness.  Choose to dwell in the light, and choose to radiate light!
  • What should I learn about myself, others and Christ when I make mistakes and things don’t go according to plan?  How can I improve myself in the face of conflict?
    • It is imporant to always remember that I am a divine daughter of God and that I am a divine work in progress.  Issues with arrise but that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with a divine work.  Also remember “it takes two people to contend and I will no be one of them.” (Brother Palabella)
  • How do I give up my life for something better?
    • This one is easy:  Come follow Him.
  • How can I learn to recognize miracles in my life everyday?
    • Allow faith to overcome doubt.  As I am obedient in all things, magnifying everything that I have been asked to do I will be blessed in ways I cannot imagine and will his is tender mercies and even His miracles in all things.

I invite you to come and see what answers the messages of General Conference have for you.  You can watch the entire thing or just specific talks online.  As Brother Jeffery R. Holland declared today, “Hope on!  Journey on!  Fan the flame of your faith because all things are possible to him that believeith!”

Come and see and follow Him!


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