Visiting Teaching Flower Garden

Visiting Teaching Flower Garden

Christ charged us to love one another as He loves us.  He wouldn’t want anyone to be forgotten about or anyone to fall through the cracks.  I can’t think of a more organized way to make sure that all of God’s daughters are being taken care of than through Visiting Teaching.  Visiting Teaching is a crucial part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It is a program that assigns Teachers in teams of two to minister to other women in the church. explains that The Purpose of Visiting Teaching Is to Minister:

How do we minister?

  • Pray daily for [the sister you visit] and her family.
  • Seek inspiration to know her and her family.
  • Visit her regularly to learn how she is doing and to comfort and strengthen her.
  • Stay in frequent contact through visits, phone calls, letters, e-mail, text messages, and simple acts of kindness.
  • Greet her at Church meetings.
  • Help her when she has an emergency, illness, or other urgent need.
  • Teach her the gospel from the scriptures and the visiting teaching messages.
  • Inspire her by setting a good example.
    (See “How Visiting Teachers Love, Watch Over, and Strengthen a Sister,” in Daughters in My Kingdom,page 123.)

“The purpose of ministering ​is to help others become true followers of Jesus Christ. Ministering to others includes:

  • Remembering their names and becoming acquainted with them (see Moroni 6:4).
  • Loving them without judging them (see John 13:34–35).
  • Watching over them and strengthening their faith ‘one by one,’ as the Savior did (3 Nephi 11:15; 17:21).
  • Establishing sincere friendship with them and visiting them in their homes and elsewhere (see D&C 20:47)” (Handbook 2,3.2.3).

When I was asked to serve in my Young Single Adult Ward of the Church as the Visiting Teaching Coordinator, I tried to think of ways I could inspire and remind the girls in the Ward to do their Visiting Teaching each month.  So, I decided to get crafty.  I (with the help of my friend Raquel) created a Visiting Teaching Flower Garden Box to provide a visual aide for the program.

The theme was planting seeds of faith with Visiting Teaching.  Through Visiting Teaching we can help build and strengthen each other’s faith and testimonies.  The idea was that each girl, each being a unique individual with special needs and talents, would each have her own flower with her name in it.  When each teacher Visit Taught her girl, she would turn her name around so that the flower was facing forward instead of the girl’s name, showing that she had planted a seed of faith in that girl.

  1. We used scrabooking flower pieces (from a craft store) in two layers with a small jewel to make the center of each flower.
  2. We then glued the flower to one side of a popsicle stick and the girl’s name to a small plaque on the other side.
  3. We then covered a large, fairly flat cardboard box with pretty scrapbooking paper.  I attached a sign I designed on the computer that read, “When you plant seeds of faith, flowers will grow – Visiting Teaching.”  We covered the corners of the box with ribbon to protect them and make them look more finished.
  4. We filled the box with bricks of green dry foam used to do flower arrangements (you can purchase this at any craft store as well).
  5. Taking a popsicle stick, we pushed rows of holes into the foam to hold each flower.  We made the rows at the front of the box deeper than the ones towards the back.  We also staggered the holes.  This made it easier to see allthe names and flowers once they were all in their slots.

The finished product was even more colorful and beautiful than I expected.  Putting it out at each meeting, seems to remind everyone to do their Visiting Teaching which is the most important part.

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