StructureSometimes I’m just really so grateful for my life.  And though everything is ultimately all in God’s hands, I also know that God doesn’t want us to sit around and wait for Him.  Going forward with faith, it’s really clear to me that there’s so much I can do to create what I want my life to look like.  And so much of that has to do with attitude and structure.

I can chose to be apathetic, bored, isolated, or depressed about my life or I can choose to be excited, engaged, connected, and grateful about my life.  And then I need to put that into a structure that reminds me and helps me fulfill on how I’m choosing to be about my life.

To give a concrete example, here’s what I’ve been doing recently.  I’d been wanting to change how I’m being about my writing in my life.  So now, most every day (six days a week), I get up and start my day at 8am by checking in via Skype with my writing buddy Yudit.  In our conversation, we talk about where we are with our writing and what we are going to write next.  We also talk about what’s going on in our lives and how we want our attitudes to be for that day.  We put how we are going to be into words.  For instance, today I’m my attitude has to do with being in touch with divine light in humanity, joy, and connection.  Then we write until ten-thirty when we check in again to see how each of our writing projects went.

Sunrise in CappadociaAs a result, not only has my relationship to my writing transformed, but my whole life has transformed.  I’ve gone from inconsistently writing about a thousand words a week to writing nearly a thousand words a day consistently.  I’m now rapidly approaching the end of the first draft of my second novel, The Particulars.  Things have shifted in my life as well.  I start out the day now feeling so accomplished that my productivity has increased in every area of my life.  I’m getting more website development done.  I’m making more progress on the Alternate Reality Game I’m designing.  I’m fulfilling on my spiritual goals by reading my scriptures and doing my callings.

AttitudeAnd life is just plain good as a result.  No, good doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Life is wonderful.  Life is miraculous and awesome.  And I can’t help but feel so very grateful for the wonderful blessing of being alive to enjoy it.

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