When I was around seven years old, I went camping with my dad, and he took me fishing for the first time.  I was a tiny thing, and so when I hooked my first fish, it was so strong it lifted me right off my feet and started to pull me right into the raging river.  My dad grabbed me just in time.  The fish got away, but I didn’t.  Ever since I knew that  that my dad would always be there to catch me from falling into the raging waters of life.

My dad and I are a lot alike.  We are both philosophical and introspective.  Since I was a little girl, we would have long meaningful discussions about life and my dreams.  He always encouraged me in everything I did especially in my creative endeavors.  Whether I was acting or drawing or writing or filming a movie, my dad was always my champion.  He has never been much of a reader of fiction, so it has meant the world to me that he has read along as I’ve written the first draft of my novel.

He kissed booboos.  He smushed spiders.  He taught me to be handy around the house.  He make amazing breakfast on Saturday mornings.

Over the last few years, my dad and I have gone through a rough time in our relationship.  My health and my parents splitting up put a strain on our bond.  Things were said.  Trusts were broken.  But my dad never gave up on having an amazing relationship with me.  And I in turn have worked very hard to open my heart up to him again.  I learned to accept him for the wonderful man that he is in my life and have given him space to be a contribution in my life which is what he wants more than anything.  Lately we’ve both come a long way.  We went out to dinner on Friday night, and our bond has never been stronger.  Our communication has never been more open, heartfelt, and authentic.  The only way I can describe how our relationship felt is with the words “grace” and “ease”.

I love my dad so very much!  He has taught me so much about life and what it means to be a kind and decent human being.  Happy Father’s Day!