PossibilitiesThe more I experience life the more I get that my life is mine to create.  And I’m learning that what my life gets created as is a very function of who I am being in life.  So if I’m being a person who sees herself as a victim of circumstance, I will end up living a life where I am unempowered and constantly being negatively affected by what life throws at me.  But if I see myself as a person who can powerfully take on whatever circumstances life sends my way, life will open up into one of endless and awesome possibility.  I am no longer willing to let my circumstances determine what my life is really about.  And though I have some tough circumstances to tackle, I am committed to being as creative as I need to be to live the life I want in the face of these circumstances.

For years now, living with a chronic illness made shy away from taking on the really big things in life that I really wanted.  But I’m no longer willing to let that be the determining factor or even a convenient excuse.  In the face of all my health challenges, I am committed to creating endless possibility in my life.  So here are some possibilities I’m creating in my life right now:

  • I am creating the possibility of a serious and meaningful romantic relationship that will lead to a joyful marriage and family.
  • I am creating the possibility of my novel being on bookshelves by this time next year, transforming the lives of my readers.
  • I am creating the possibility of my graphic and web design business taking off in a way that will bring me great financial abundance.
  • I am creating the possibility of my game design business flourishing in a way that will give me complete creative expression and the experience of positively shaping the world.
  • I am creating the possibility of being healthy and at a healthy weight.
  • I am creating the possibility of living life passionately and powerfully in a way that leaves me completely fulfilled in all areas.

This may seem like a tall order, but, as I see it, life is a game, and there’s no point in playing to kinda sorta win a little bit.  No.  I want to win the game of life all stars edition!  And I’m committed to being the person I need to be to create the life I want for myself.